Razoring with Tom Connell

  • Learn various applications of a razor and the adaptability

  • Gain a true understanding of razor cutting

  • Suitable for experienced hairdressers with a sound understanding of haircutting

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About the masterclass

This is an online masterclass with top educator, Tom Connell, Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie. Tom re-styles a models hair from start to finish, with no prior work being done before hand. The purpose of this demonstration is to educate on how a razor can be used in a technical way but at the same time allowing feeling and instinct to dictate the shape and direction of the cut.

Razor cutting in this way is a valuable and underused skill, which can increase any hairdressers creative and commercial haircut repertoire. This combined with seeing a haircut develop in real-time with no pre done work delivers a piece of education that leaves each student with a true understanding of razor cutting.

About Tom Connell

Tom Connell is Artistic Director of Trevor Sorbie International. He heads up the Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team producing shoots,  shows and seminars across the world. Tom approaches hairdressing in a unique way, treating each idea as an individual piece of work designed to explore what’s possible with hair. Tom works on a few select hair shows & shoots per year in order to keep the work interesting & engaging for himself & the audience.

“Creating a show or shoot concept takes so much time, effort and commitment the only way l feel it’s worth while is to do something I find unique. If I was in the audience or looking at an image what would hold my interest. That process is what I measure all of my work up against” T O M  C O N N E L L

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