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This educational manual has been designed primarily for salons who do not provide an education system within their salons. Or to help simplify hairdressing training for salon owners who are teaching their trainees and for trainees who are following the manual independently.

Dual purpose manual

For trainers, this manual is designed to be used in conjunction with and as an aid to your teaching. It is easy-to-use and the perfect addition to any hairdressing training course.

For trainees, the manual covers the basics and more in-depth learning that makes up your hairdressing course. It is designed in such a way that it can assist your learning and is carefully structured to align with the topics and techniques you’ll learn in each year of your course.

You can simply buy the book and follow the manual through the 3 year program by training yourself, or if you work with an educator or experienced team member, they can simply take you through the comprehensive program. ‘We do recommend you get assistance’!

Highest educational standards

Elements is designed to ensure that you are educated to the highest standard by covering all the relevant theory and practical that is required to become a successful stylist. It’s aim is to allow both you and your employers to monitor your career in hairdressing and easily record and track your ongoing progress through an easy-to-follow colour-coded system. After all, in order to manage your progression, you must monitor it.

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Founder of Elements Education

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“Motivate your team by engaging them through education” Paul Davey

Theory & Practical learning overview

11 Theory subjects 32 Step by step practical subjects

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