Scaling with Philip Rochford

  • A creative cutting masterclass.

  • Designed for intermediate to advanced level hairstylists

  • Giving you a better understanding of product and how it helps achieve the perfect finish

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About the masterclass

In this online masterclass, Philip Rochford will present a linear transformation that enlarges or diminishes objects by scale. This cut is taken from Philip's collection, which is called RAPTURE, an expression of passion and experience in which the spirit is exalted to a knowledge of divine things.

Learn the importance of prep and clean sectioning and how it impacts the finished look. You will gain a better understanding of product use and the importance of choice to achieve the perfect finish. The masterclass is designed for intermediate to advanced stylists and the idea behind the class is to show the importance of sectioning and how it impacts line and finish.

About Philip Rochford

Philip Rochford is owner of Molls and Dolls Hairdressing Salon. Passionate about hair and renowned for his precision cuts and creative colour, Philip is a platform artist and educator for Italian hair company KEMON. As a guest artist for Kemon he was chosen to be part of the international production team for Kemon Italian touch collection #20 led by artistic creative director,  Mauro Galzignato. The iconic image Philip created was given front cover for the company education booklet for 2016,  and also featured in four fashion/hair magazines in Italy.

Philip has won numerous awards, including Trend Vision Awards, L'Oréal Colour Trophy finalist, Alfaparf Milano Fantastic Hairdresser Awards & Winner of Haute Couture Award Cut & Colour.