Eugene Souleiman - International Hairstylist Part 2

Eugene Souleiman - International Hairstylist Part 1

Steven Buzassy - Education Director for Lakme Hungary & Founder of Circle

Brett MacDonald - Founder of CULt. Education

Karoliina Saunders - Label.m Ambassador & Educator

Katrina Kelly - Founder of Katrina Kelly Education

Olive Tucker - Creative Director of House of Colour

Georgia Bell - A Rising Star & owner of Twisted Scissors

Christel Lundqvist - Founder of STIL Salon & TIGI’s Global Creative Technical Director

Declan Sheils - International Session Stylist

Alan Austin-Smith - Best Selling Author

Carolyn Newman - Colour Expert

Tom Connell - Artistic Director of Trevor Sorbie

Johnny BaBa - Founder of The Barber Barber Empire

David & Nicole Barnett - Business Coaches

Barry Maddocks & Brandon Messinger

Joanne O'Neill - Avant Garde Queen & Salon Owner

James Earnshaw - Cloud 9 Ambassador & Session Manager at Bad Apple Hair

Alexis & David Thurston - Founders of Pulp Riot Hair, Butterfly Loft Salon & Butterfly Circus

Warren Boodaghians & Akos Bodi - TIGI's Global Technical Director & European Creative Director

Alan Austin-Smith -World Renowned Business Coach & Co-Founder of The Fantastic Hairdresser

Tina Farey & Andrew Heasman - RUSH's Editorial Director & International Creative Director

Debbie Gee - Legendary Educator

Helen Reavey - Session Stylist

Beatrice Moate - Alfaparf Milano Ireland Academy Director

Ben Brown - Freelance Educator & Akito Scissors Ambassador

Sean Taaffe - Award-Winning Salon Owner

Jonny Engstrom - Artistic Director of Guy Kremer Salons

Siobhan Jones - Colour Director at Headmasters UK

Andrew Mulvenna - Award-winning Hairdresser & Salon Owner

Matty Conrad - World's Luckiest Barber

Paul Mac Special - Hair Tattoo Specialist

Dale Ted Watkins

Mr. Johnny Ba Ba - Barber Barber

Joth Davies - Savills Barbers


Liz McKeon - Beauty Business Expert

Carolyn Newman - Colour Extraordinaire

Mark Woolley - Founder & Creative Director of Electric Hair

Kevin Luchmun - Most Influential Men's Hairdresser in Britain

Antony Whitaker - World Renowned Business Coach & Motivator

Ky Wilson - 2017 UK L'Oreal Colour Trophy Men's Award Winner

Katherine Sweeney - Award-winning Educator & Owner of Preen Salon

Joseph Koniak - Salon Owner & Son of Molton Brown Founder

Jenny & Aoife - Irish & International L'Oreal Colour Trophy Winners

John Maher - Executive Director at Queen Salon

Alan Edwards - Scottish L'Oreal Ambassador

Luke Benson - London Hairdresser of the Year 2016

David Barnett - Successful Business Coach

Andrew Dunne - Irish Wella Colour Ambassador

Jayson Gray - Principal Creative & Founder of Karbon Kyd

Dylan Bradshaw - Exceptional Irish Salon Owner & Hairstylist

Jack Howard - The King of Balayage

Mattia Esposito - Art Director & Head Educator for Taylor Taylor