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The Molly (Modern Mullet) with Debbie Gee

In this online masterclass, Debbie cuts a mid length Modern Mullett, this look is happening now and Debbie predicts that it will continue on into 2018. Debbie will show you how to make this look current and workable for salon clients, keeping them on trend.

Freehand Hair Tattoos with Paul Mac

This online masterclass will focus on freehand hair tattoos; a look really popular for holiday/festival season as they give that wow factor & versatility as they can be changed regularly every 10 days & nape undercuts can be easily hidden for work etc. 

Textured Precision with Paul Davey

This millennial inspired cut is perfect for short to medium length hairstyling. Paul will be showing you a variety of techniques such as undercutting, over direction, pivoting radial sections and different bespoke personalising techniques to achieve ‘Textured Precision’.

Building Profits Up with Liz McKeon

Liz will be sharing with you tools and strategies to maximise profit potential in your business. As a business owner, you have to commit fully to ‘minding your own business’ in order to generate the profits you seek. Liz will be talking you through business tips to make your hair salon more profitable.

Signature Colour Techniques with Carolyn Newman

Carolyn will share with you one of her Signature techniques and how to create consumer friendly techniques for your clientele. Keeping it fresh for your regular clients is so important, so offering seasonal changes is essential. Carolyn will show you how to do this effortlessly.

Masterclass with Mark Woolley

In this online masterclass Mark Woolley from Electric will give you an insight on his passion for art, music and fashion that has led him to become an international sought after hair artist who fuses colouring, cutting and editorial looks.

Fade Finessing with Kevin Luchmun

Award-winning hairdresser/barber Kevin Luchmun will be showing you how to merge trends from barbering and men's hairdressing using both traditional barbering techniques and contemporary men's hairdressing techniques.


Grow My Salon Business with Antony Whitaker

World-renowned business coach Antony Whitaker will take you through management tools & systems that if you implement will make an impact on your business straight away.

The Social Man with Ky Wilson

In this masterclass Ky Wilson will take you through all aspects of men's grooming, focusing on versatility and longevity but also how to make money through a gents haircut, colouring and retail services.

The Art of Dressing Long Hair with Joseph Koniak

Joseph will show you some tips & tricks on how to create a striking look, whether it be editorial or bridal and he will also talk you through how to master the art of public speaking; the speakers mind set, engaging an audience etc.

The Crystal Plait with Joseph Koniak

Joseph will share with you how to create the crystal plait, a look that is suitable for bridal as well as editorial.

2016 L'Oreal Colour Trophy Ireland & International Winners: The Secret of Their Success - Part 1 The Colour with Jenny Dawson

Jenny will take you through the winning creative colour and the techniques that she used.

2016 L'Oreal Colour Trophy Ireland & International Winners: The Secret of Their Success - Part 2 The Cut with Aoife Bradley

Aoife will show you her "3D Hair Cut" and the techniques she uses to create this winning look.

Plan, Perform, Perfect with Luke Benson

A cutting masterclass with London Hairdresser of the Year, 2016. Luke will be mapping out a haircut to go from uber long to short hair

Infusion Cut & Colour with Alan Edwards

Alan will stimulate, inspire & encourage you to take a new approach to cutting & colouring in this online masterclass

Fully Booked in 90 Days with David Barnett

A business masterclass which teaches YOU the systems & strategies to become a successful hairdresser/salon owner

Focal Point Highlighting with Andrew Dunne

A colour masterclass with Irish Wella Colour Ambassador. LEARN different highlighting techniques including the zigzag & money piece.

The New Shag with Dylan Bradshaw

Learn the shortcuts to layering, graduation without texturising and other techniques in this masterclass.

Tint, Taint, Texture with Jayson Gray

A freehand colour masterclass with a colour genius. Learn freehand techniques and explore & experiment with creativity.

Balayage 3 Ways with Jack Howard

Learn 3 different balayage techniques from the King of Balayage including perfecting the root to tip technique.

The Modern Layer with Mattia Esposito

Master the art of textured layering, learn groundbreaking sectioning patterns and get inspiration from this masterclass

Modern Beehive with Paul Davey

This masterclass will give you confidence in putting hair up and will show you simple ways to pin up hair.

Page Boy with Darren Lacken

In this masterclass you will see Darren re-create his winning look for the International Wella Trendvision Award.

Contour Colouring with Aimee Penco

Learn Aimee's bespoke contour colouring technique, adapting the technique, best practices for face framing and much more.

Backstage with Stephen Kelly

Learn how to put together a look for a show and how to create the ultimate show hair.

Futuristic Ring Pony with Michael Leong

A step-by-step guide how to create a runway look; how to prep hair & different techniques to use.

Progressive Bob with Katherine Sweeney

This masterclass teaches you how to use classic techniques to create an advanced & creative cut.

The Pixie Cut with Paul Davey

A step-by-step guide how to create the perfect pixie cut using different techniques & how to texturise short cuts.

Balayage with Stephen Boyle

Learn how to create soft, seamless, natural-looking colour using the balayage techniques.

Done Undone with Paul Davey

Learn how to create basic session hair in this FREE masterclass

Colourful Hair with Claudia Walsh

Create colourful "rainbow" hair with Claudia in this FREE masterclass