Graphic Bob with Steven Buzassy

  • Foundation with contemporary - classic techniques with modern vibes

  • Use precision and self rhythm to achieve a higher level of haircuts 

  • Mixing techniques with shapes, disconnections and free hand techniques

  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced level stylists

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About the masterclass

Join Steven in this advanced cutting masterclass. He showcases a bob shape with a strong outline and a softer internal shape, achieved through disconnected back and top sections. The shape is inspired by constructivism, and also explores different kinds of geometric shapes & fabrics. This is a salon friendly look with progressive vibes, disconnections & playfulness through different internal & external lengths. Steven shows you how important our lower and upper body positioning is during a haircut, how we can control our shape & techniques with our hand, arms & finger angles. This essentially will create a better rhythm in your work which will give you more speed & awareness.

About Steven Buzassy

Steven Buzassy is a Hungarian hairdresser based in Budapest. He was born into a hairdressing dynasty, with every family member being a hairdresser from 1908. Steven started his career in the family salon and assisted his father in shows & seminars all around Hungary, as his father was education director at Schwarzkopf Hungary.

Steven’s passion is education and in 2010, Steven started working with Alfaparf Hungary, focusing education & shows. In 2015, he started working as education director for Lakme Hungary. With his strong passion for education, Steven set up his own educational company CIRCLE, which provides online education for Hungarian hairdressers.