Men's/Barbering Masterclasses

Fade Finessing with Kevin Luchmun

Award-winning hairdresser/barber Kevin Luchmun will be showing you how to merge trends from barbering and men's hairdressing using both traditional barbering techniques and contemporary men's hairdressing techniques.

The Social Man with Ky Wilson

In this masterclass Ky Wilson will take you through all aspects of men's grooming, focusing on versatility and longevity but also how to make money through a gents haircut, colouring and retail services.

Mens Diagonal Back with Paul Davey

This online masterclass is designed to help guide you through every stage of mastering the techniques and skills needed to create an advanced haircut. This simple, easy-to-learn format coupled with Paul's outstanding teaching strategies will enable any level of hairdresser to master this cut in next to no time. 

Simply Suitable with Johnny BaBa

Join founder of the Barber Barber empire, Johnny BaBa in this online masterclass where he will be taking you through a barbershop classic. Johnny will teach you how to find the correct parting, placement of weight and demonstrate how to get the required style without excessive use of hairdryers or product.