Classic, Creative & Micro Balayage with Jack Howard

  • Learn 3 different balayage techniques (Creative, Classic & Micro) from the king of balayage.
  • Suitable for all levels of colour technicians
  • Master the root to tip techniques

€40 for LIFETIME ACCESS to Jack's balayage masterclass

About the course

Jack Howard is at the forefront of the balayage revolution with his classes continuously selling out worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to see Jack teach you everything you need to know to master the art of balayage in this masterclass. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • To master three different types of balayage – creative, classic, and micro

  • To successfully perform techniques that are easily translated back into the salon can be done time and time again with great application

  • How to perfect the difficult technical skills required to create balayage effectively, including root to tip techniques

Colours used: L'Oréal xxxxxxxx


About Jack Howard

Jack started his hairdressing training back in 1983 and has worked around the world since then, gaining international acclaim. He has been an international educator since the 1990s and travelled across the USA in a hairdressing teaching capacity. He also played a pivotal role in setting up one of the L’Oreal National Academies in Washington DC back in 1999, where he went on to become a senior guest artist. Credited with bringing balyage to the UK, Jack is a highly esteemed colour specialist and UK L’Oreal Colour spokesperson. His upcoming courses for 2017 also include Balayage Live.

Learn more about Jack’s successful career.