Feeling the love for the pixie cut

What's not to love about the effortlessly chic and universally flattering  pixie cut? This iconic hairstyle is one that never goes out of fashion and continues to be one of the most frequently requested haircuts in salons around the world. 

Pixie Hair Cut.jpg

Making a pixie darling of every client

Now, we say effortlessly chic and universally flattering - but that comes with the disclaimer that it's your job to make it so! Face shape matters, as does hair type and texture- one cut definitely doesn't fit all. But, to be worth your weight in hairdressing gold, you need to know what tweaks to make to ensure you can make a pixie darling of any client, regardless of their face shape or hair type. Because that's what your clients will expect you to do. And it's what makes you stand out in your profession. 

All power to the pixie

And this is where we come in. If you want to improve your skills in this department (and let's face it, who doesn't?), our pixie cut course will give you what a textbook can't: the know-how and first-glance analysis skills to decipher what pixie cut look is going to work best for each individual client. We'll have you nailing all kinds of different pixie cuts from the classic to modern revamps to bold statement looks for the more adventurous pixie devotees. The pixie cut exudes charm, elegance and a little bit of mystery. Fine-haired girls love it because it adds dimension and volume while thicker-haired ladies are addicted to the manageability and texture it gives them. Done right, it's a win-win hairstyle for everyone! But don't just take our word for it, let these top 10 pixie cuts of all time blow your mind

Upskill and prosper

Once your mind is suitably blown, book a place on our pixie cut course this January - you won't be disappointed.

What next?

Don't stop at being a pixie pro, master the art of all hairdressing techniques and looks and become one of the best in the business. Check out more of our upcoming courses.