Creative Colour Melts with Georgia Bell

  • Suitable for beginner to intermediate level stylists

  • Blending vivid colour

  • Customising colour to your clients

  • Sectioning & starting canvas

€40 - Get lifetime access to Creative Colour Melt

€25/month or €275/year - Access to all our masterclasses

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About the masterclass

In this online masterclass Georgia teaches you all things vivid, she shows key ways of selecting the correct pallet to create a beautifully blended creative colour melt.

This masterclass is a fun and easy step by step guide to create a freehand blend using 3 colours both successfully and seamlessly. Georgia showcases ways to not only customise your pallet but also your colour. There will be handy tips and colour hacks in order to get the most out of working with vivid colour and to help you achieve the best blend for your client.

About Georgia Bell

Georgia Bell is a colour enthusiast & independent educator with a huge passion for our industry. Starting her hairdressing career 9 years ago, Georgia went to open her own salon, Twisted Scissors 2 years ago.

Georgia enjoys pushing her creative boundaries with colour and also gaining inspiration and knowledge from others within the industry. Through the power of social media and hard work, she has been able to showcase her work, talk about her hairdressing journey and start up her own independent education.

Georgia assists at Not Another Salon in London once a week because she loves learning and believes collectively that should never stop, she also loves to share what she learns with like minded people.

Showcasing her vivid colour work and sharing her personal industry journey has really opened windows of opportunity allowing her to work alongside some amazing brands and stylists, it has lead her to present her colour work at some major industry events such as Salon International and HJ North.

Georgia has recently started her own freelance education. If you are interested in hearing more about this email Georgia here. Alternatively you can contact her on Instagram.

Read more about Georgia’s journey here