Re-watch Creative Cutting Masterclasses

Creative Cutting with Akos Bodi

Join TIGI's European Creative Director, Akos Bodi in this online masterclass where you will learn on trend cutting techniques & personalising techniques as well as get a preview in to the new TIGI collection, Retrospective.

Creative Cutting with Andy Heasman

Join RUSH's International Creative Director, Andy Heasman in this online masterclass. Andy will give you an insight to RUSH's cutting method and show you how to cut in a bespoke manner.

Precision Cutting & Editorial Styling with Brett MacDonald

This online masterclass is designed to broaden your technical work by combining the ideas of precision hairdressing and editorial finishing together.  

Scaling with Philip Rochford

Join Kemon educator, Philip Rochford in this online masterclass where he presents a linear transformation that enlarges or diminishes objects by scale.

Advanced Short Creative & The Art of Disconnection with Brandon Messinger

In this online masterclass Brandon will be showcasing an advanced salon creative cut that can be adapted artisticly or commercially to produce a variety of different looks. 

Analytic Geometry with Philip Rochford

Join Kemon guest artist, Philip Rochford in this online masterclass where he will be incorporating different lengths with different shape taking natural conatures of skull to create an unusual texture.