Business Masterclasses

BE Fantastic with Alan Austin-Smith

Best selling author of The Fantastic Hairdresser & would renowned business coach Alan Austin-Smith will share with you the secret to success, communication tools and much more.

Grow My Salon Business with Antony Whitaker

World-renowned business coach Antony Whitaker will take you through management tools & systems that if you implement will make an impact on your business straight away.

This Is How You WIN! with David & Nicole Barnett

David and Nicole Barnett will show you how to WIN by giving you the formulas to guaranteed cash flow and profit and become the most talked about stylist/salon in town!

Building Profits Up with Liz McKeon

Liz will be sharing with you tools and strategies to maximise profit potential in your business. As a business owner, you have to commit fully to ‘minding your own business’  in order to generate the profits you seek.

Fully Booked in 90 Days with David Barnett

A business masterclass with motivator & coach David Barnett which teaches YOU the systems & strategies to become a successful hairdresser/salon owner