CULt. Collection - Fashion Now with Brett MacDonald

  • Learn the intricate details of precision hairdressing that help control short complex shapes.

  • Learn in detail how at CULt. we form our creative ideas and processes right from  concept through to finished result.

  • Gain new tools to help form more ascetically refined shapes in hair to deliver maximum impact. 

  • Build your confidence with short precision haircutting.

€40 - Get lifetime access to CULt. Collection - Fashion Now

€25/month or €275/year - Access to all our masterclasses

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About the masterclass

Brett is one of the best in our industry when it comes to precision cutting. Brett explores in depth the technical details on his work as well as shedding some much needed light on the processes behind his work and how refined ideas are formulated and delivered in a creative way. If you want to feel more confident controlling your work and gain an understanding of achieving a far more refined finish and result to your creative work to set your hairdressing apart from the crowd do not miss this masterclass.

About Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald has excelled in the hairdressing industry for over 2 decades as a stylist, educator & visionary. During this time he studied with Vidal Sassoon, helped establish British hairdressing franchise Mahogany in Australia and acted as UK Creative Director for the prestigious Saco Schools & Salons. Brett has won the coveted Australian New Creative Force Award and was nominated for the Australian Hairdresser of the Year award twice.

Brett travels extensively to inspire & educate hairdressers around the world, demonstrating his technical abilities and inspiring with his enthusiasm. His lasting dream has  been the creation of a cutting edge brand, a space which combines the different schools  of style into an inclusive new approach to hairdressing. CULt. is the realisation of that dream.

The vision of CULt. Education is to both inspire as well as inform. In the constantly changing world of fashion, stylists need the skills to create new shapes, styles and looks to stay one step ahead of the pack. This is where the power of education comes in. Whether you choose a one-on-one tutorial in your salon or a captivating style revue, CULt. Education takes learning to a whole new level. For more information on CULt. education click here.