Be Fantastic with Alan Austin-Smith

  • The one secret that all successful people understand

  • The 3 steps to great communication

  • The key to confident action

  • The creativity formula

  • Suitable for stylists as well as salon owners

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About the masterclass

BE Fantastic - Good is not enough anymore! It doesn't matter what you do - whether it's in your work or life, being good is just not enough any more!

Do you want to be a good hairdresser or a fantastic one - have a good salon or a fantastic one? You can apply this thinking to any job or even aspects of your life - we all would rather be a fantastic parent, friend, partner etc. than just a good one! The world is moving so fast today that to be successful it's essential that you stand out from the crowd - and the crowd is 'good' - there are loads of 'good' restaurants in any town for example, but how many fantastic ones?

How do you do it though? What is the secret to 'BEing Fantastic' - to standing out from the crowd?

Well, the first secret is right there in the title - the reason BE is in caps is to make it clear that it's not enough to want to be fantastic, to talk about it or just agree with the principle - you have to take action - you have to BE Fantastic! The next understanding is what action to take though - and this is where the key to the success of the Fantastic Hairdresser is, it's the foundation stone of everything they teach - the 50% Rule.  Alan believes that 50% of what makes someone fantastic at their job has nothing to do with their job! For example; 50% of what makes a fantastic hairdresser (not a good one!) has nothing to do with a pair of scissors or a tint brush. It's the other 50% - communication, confidence, motivation, creativity, customer delight, self-discipline, professionalism etc. etc. - that makes the difference. Of course, you have to have amazing technical skills but if that's all you have you will only ever be 'good' - it's the 'other stuff' added to the technical skills that make the difference.

In this masterclass, Alan will give you some simple and easy to implement ways to develop the other 50% to help you continue your journey to fantastic!!

About Alan Austin-Smith

As the co-founder of The Fantastic Hairdresser, Alan Austin-Smith is a man on a mission. Since his ‘fantastic’ journey began in 1988, Alan’s goal has been to provide education and support to the industry and help hairdressers worldwide make the revolutionary changes required to make their salons a resounding success. But forget sleep-inducing seminars or boring books. With more than thirty years of experience working with over 150,000 hairdressers, this acclaimed author and inspirer knows how to bring the entertainment factor to education and is skilled at making you laugh while you learn!

No stranger to the salon floor, Alan kicked-off his career aged 16 at Vidal Sassoon, Bond Street. Initially attracted by the creativity on one hand and the “beautiful women, famous faces and wild parties” on the other (well, what teenager wouldn’t be?), he quickly developed a love of hairdressing. After seven years behind the chair, Alan made the move to L’Oreal - where he quickly became the youngest departmental head L’Oreal had ever had when he became Business Development Manager - leading a team dedicated to helping salons improve their business skills.

Realising that there was a niche market that no-one was taking any notice of, he then left L’Oreal and started The Fantastic Hairdresser Company - dedicated to teaching salon owners and the team how to achieve ongoing success and turn their creativity into profit. In 2009, The Fantastic Hairdresser Company was very proud to be the first in Europe to open a ‘Business’ Academy for the salon industry.

Fast forward thirty years and Alan has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the salon industry with a client base which reads like a who’s who of the industry. From London to Las Vegas, Manchester to Melbourne, his expertise is called upon by salon owners and product companies including Trevor Sorbie, Charles Worthington, GHD, Sophia Hilton, HOB, Goldwell, Wella, Aveda etc., to help revolutionise salon businesses across the globe.

Alan’s philosophy - “50% of what makes someone ‘fantastic’ at their job - has nothing to do with their job” - is transferable to any business. “It is the other stuff that makes the difference - communication skills, confidence, self-motivation, customer delight etc., that makes a great salesperson, leader, sports person, entertainer, business person, doctor, bin man…..”

Based on the 50% principle, Alan’s philosophy has helped thousands of hairdressers and salon owners change the way they work. Through his stimulating seminars, training programmes and books (‘The Fantastic Hairdresser’, ‘The Fantastic Boss’, ‘The Fantastic Salon’ and no. 2 WHSmith Bestseller ‘Fantastic - When Good is Not Enough’), Alan shows you how focusing on ‘the other stuff’ will lead to more success, profit and financial freedom.

“If you want change, change something!”

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